How to enable Facebook job listings

CareerArc's platform can now automatically upload your active job listings to Facebook Jobs Listings, Facebook's job board. 


To activate Facebook Job Listings on CareerArc, please do the following: 

  • Select Facebook Jobs from the Dashboard toolbar, located on the left:


  • Select Edit on the Facebook Job Listings tab. 


  • Select Enabled under the Facebook Job Listings tab.


  • Select Job Filter and notification configurations.


  • Select Update when completed. 


Notification Configurations

New Application Emails 

If enabled, we will send an email alert whenever you receive a new Facebook application.

CSM New Application Emails

If enabled, we will send an email alert to the CSM whenever the company receives a new Facebook Application 

Applicant Follow-up Emails

If enabled, we will send an email follow-up with a link to continue the application process on your ATS.


Custom Questions 

Set required questions for candidates complete on the Facebook Application. Admins have the ability to add custom questions or experience questions. 




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