CareerArc provides our clients with detailed results reporting. Here's what we provide and where you can access it.

You can access all of the reports from the left-hand navigation menu under the "Reporting" tab. Depending on which modules you have purchased there may be several selections under here. "Jobs" is the most all-encompassing report. 


Once on the Jobs reporting screen, you will be able to see a line graph of job views from the past 30 days. This is the "Overview" tab.

You can change the date range using the calendar button in the upper right-hand corner of the module.


Below the overview metrics,  you can see summary statistics such as posts, job views, views per day and views per job, as well as a graph that breaks down the general sources of your views for the selected date range. 


There are also tabs that you can click to view the data sorted by top viewed jobs, top sources and top campaigns. All of this data can be exported by selecting "Export to Excel" at the bottom of any of these tabs.


If you have tracking beacons set up, you can see the results on the "Beacons" tab. This data shows the CareerArc-sourced applicants vs. all other applicants for every beacon that is installed. 


On the "Downloads" tab, you can download a snapshot report of your monthly performance, as well as export a more detailed Excel sheet with all of your monthly statistics. CareerArc___Repo__4_.png


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