How Do I Add My Social Channel to CareerArc?

Connecting your social channel to CareerArc allows us to automatically post jobs to that page on your behalf, and is an integral part of our automated distribution service.

To connect social channels to CareerArc, do the following:

  • Select Social Media Accounts on the left toolbar.


  • Choose Add Account under the social channel tab you are looking to add.


  • Enter a name for the social channel being added.


  • Select Activate Now or Send Activation Email


    • Activate Now 
      • If you are a page administrator and logged into the account, you can select "activate now" to be take through the authorization steps
      • You can copy/paste the link to send to the page administrator
    • Send Activation Email 
      • A CareerArc activation email will be sent to the email that is connected to the account.
      • To view/update the email assigned to the social channel in CareerArc, select Send Activation Email.
        • If the email is correct, select the "send activation" button
        • To update, type in the new email address, and then select either "activate later" to save the new email address without sending a new link, or "send activation" to send a link to the new email address.

mceclip1.png    mceclip2.png


  • You must be an Admin of the social channel being activated. 
  • LinkedIn requires reauthorization every 60 days, Facebook requires reauthorization every 90 days. Automated reauthorization emails will be sent in the week before the channel expires


If you would like to purchase additional social channel spots, please contact the CareerArc Client Success team.

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