Create a Content Calendar Post (Step-By-Step)

Content Calendar gives you the ability to plan and schedule posts for all of your connected social channels. 

Our Content Calendar is an important employer branding tool that helps showcase your organization as a great place to work. Common posts for the Content Calendar include holidays, employee spotlight stories, hiring events, articles, awards, and more! These posts contain custom content that speaks to the brand of your company and is a great way to demonstrate to job seekers exactly what to expect about the company culture. 

Step 1: On the left hand navigation menu, select Employer Brand and then click Content Calendar.


Step 2: You can either select the Create a New Post button or come back to a saved, unpublished post by clicking on the Drafts tab


Step 3: Select the social channel you want your post to appear on and click Next (if you are working from a draft, this step will be done already).

Note: To learn more about posting to Instagram click here and to learn more about posting to Glassdoor click here.


Step 4: Write your copy in the text box provided, and then add in your customizations. We recommend selecting or adding a category for your post for reporting purposes. Click here to learn more about Content Calendar reporting.

    • Add Media: image or video (Youtube/Vimeo Link) 
    • Insert links: Choose a job to link to, or insert a custom link that will automatically populate as a link
    • Option to insert hashtags, but can also type them in the body of the post.


Step 5: Select Next to preview the post on the selected social channel.



Step 6: Schedule your post by clicking the day(s) and time(s) you want the post to appear. If you schedule your posts for a future date and time, they will appear on the calendar on the content calendar home page.


Step 7: Click Finish


You can preview, edit, reschedule, repost, and delete any posts that have not yet been posted live.

Please note that if a post has already been posted, you can no longer edit it via CareerArc.

To learn more about how to manage your Content Calendar click here.


You are now ready to own your content strategy! For more ideas check out our blog article here and download our Social Recruiting Template here. 

If you are interested in purchasing access to the content calendar module, please contact the CareerArc Client Success Team.

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