How to create and customize a job map

Our portable jobs map is an interactive tool used to visually display all of your open jobs. 

There are 2 ways to access the jobs map from our dashboard. The left-hand navigation menu under "Employer Brand" or the "Employer Brand" Module on the home screen.


Creating a job map

Once in the job map section, you will see the job map on the page. If you need to create a job map, select the mceclip2.png button in the upper right-hand corner. Select a name for your job map. Be specific. The map will default to showing all open jobs. If you would like to only show certain jobs, create a job filter.


Customizing the job map

  • Select the mceclip3.png icon
    • The "Settings" Tab: 
      • From here, you can change the name of your map, change the job filter, and add in customizations
        • The primary color needs to be in hex code format, and will update the default colors on the map from gray to the hex code color. 
        • A custom image can be uploaded in lieu of the default map pin. It is recommended to be 30px wide by 40px tall.
    • The "Media" Tab:
      • This tab allows you to add custom images or videos to the map job listings.
        • To add images, select the radio button for images, and then select the mceclip4.png button.
        • Follow our "Add Image to Job FIlters in Active Campaigns" instructions to link images with jobs.
          • If your images can be used with all jobs on the map, you can skip this step.
        • You may also add videos in the same way. Videos are required to be hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Files are not supported at this time.
          • Copy the "share" link from the video, and paste it into the box.

Installing the Map

  • Select the mceclip3.png icon
    • The "Installation Instructions" allows you to generate an embed code for the map. Input the desired size of the map, and then click generate code. You can then copy this code and paste it into the HTML of the page you'd like it to appear on. 


    • The other way to install the map is with a URL. You can put this link behind some text or an image so that when users click it, they will automatically be directed to the map. 


If you would like to purchase additional job maps, please contact the CareerArc Client Success Team.

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