Reporting Metrics Definitions

This is a list of the most commonly-used terms in regard to the reporting we provide.


Reporting Terms: 

  1. Jobs Distributed:  The number of jobs from your ATS automatically distributed by CareerArc.
  2. Posts: The number of unique posts automatically distributed by CareerArc across all social channels.
  3. Job Views: A job view on social is counted once a candidate clicks the link in a social post to view the job description on your ATS and apply. A job view on a CareerArc source is counted when a candidate views the job description.
  4. Apply Clicks: Apply clicks are reported when a candidate clicks the “apply now” button on the
    Job Map, Facebook Careers Tab, and our unique Web Partnership sites.
  5. Average Views per Job: The average number of times each job is viewed in the time period.  
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