Adding and editing job filters

A job filter allows you to create different groups of jobs based on the criteria of your choosing. Job filters are used to create campaigns, as well as group jobs for image mapping. 

To see your existing list of job filters, select the "Job Filters" category from the left-hand menu "Job Distribution" tab. 


This brings you to the list of all existing job filters. If you need to edit a job filter, hover over the one you would like to edit, and a blue edit pencil will appear to the right. 


If you would like to add a new job filter, click the mceclip0.png button in the top right. Either way, the following will pop up:


On the "Name" Tab, type what you would like your job filter to be called. If you would like to have the group of jobs you're making be associated with images or templates, the best practice is to add "Images - " or "Templates - " to the beginning of the filter name.

If you are simply updating a job filter's criteria, this step can be skipped



On the Keywords tab, you can add job title words or exclude job title words from your group. For example, if you designate by part time and full time in job titles, you can make a group for just part time jobs by adding "part time" to the "title contains" box.

You can also make groups based on exclusion. If you'd like to have a job group for all jobs except registered nurses, for example, you would add "RN" or "Registered Nurse" to the "Title cannot contain" box. Be sure to click the "Add keyword" button between each different keyword (or key phrase) to add it to the group.


Job type

On the "Job Type" tab, you can select to only include certain job types in the group. Any field that you check off will be included in the group. Any others will be excluded.



On the "Locations" Tab, you have the ability to include and exclude locations as needed. You can do this by city, state, or country


Note: The "Matching jobs" number should change as you add/adjust your criteria. If it does not, you may need to review your criteria or assure the job has been pulled in by a scrape.

When you are fully satisfied with your job group, click the save button, and your job filter will be saved!

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