How do I Access Social Channel Reauthorization Links?

LinkedIn and Facebook require users to reauthorize CareerArc to post on their behalf every few months. For Facebook, reauthorization is required every 90 days. For LinkedIn, it is required every 60 days. Automated emails are sent to the account owner* in the week before the channel expires, but the reauthorization link can also be found in the Dashboard.

*Account owner must be LOGGED IN to the personal social account that has admin permissions in order to reauthorize.

Step 1: Select "Social Media Accounts" on the left-hand navigation menu.



  • You will be brought to a page where you can see all of your social channels that you have connected. 


  • A RED dot means that the channel is expired and needs to be reactivated
  • A YELLOW dot means that the channel is expiring soon
  • A GREEN dot means that the channel is active

Step 2: When you find the channel that you need the reauthorization link for, click the circular arrow button.



Step 3: Copy the link that appears or, if you have administrator access to the channel, you can click the "activate now" button.


  • An addition, you can send an email with the new authorization directly from the dashboard by clicking the "Send activation now" button and typing in the correct email:


  • Updating the email in this box and clicking "Send Activation" will ensure that the automated reminder emails get sent to the correct person going forward. 


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