How to Add Images to Campaigns

This article includes the steps necessary to add images to CareerArc campaigns. If you have not already done so, please follow these steps to upload all desired images into the dashboard.

Adding images to campaigns is an integral step in preparing your campaign to go live. Posts with images get on average 94% more views than posts with text alone. Get your posts the attention they deserve by taking the first step to add branded images.


Step 1: Locate your Campaign by clicking “Campaigns” under the Job Distribution tab.

  • This brings you to a list of all campaigns that you have already created.
  • If you need instructions on how to create a campaign, please click here.


Step 2: Find the campaign that you would like to add images to.

  • Searching and/or filtering to find your campaign is optional, but helpful if there are a large number of campaigns in your dashboard.
  • Once located, you can click on the campaign name to open up the settings page.


Step 3: Scroll down to the Media section and select the edit button.

  • If the campaign does not currently contain images, you can choose the “Add Media” button that will appear, and then select “Images”.


Step 4: Select the “Add new images” button on the right-hand side


Step 5: Choose images for assignment.

  • Select all the images you would like to associate with a certain Job Filter
      • Note: If all the images can go out with any job in the campaign, you can select them all.
  • A green circle with a checkmark will appear on each image that you have selected
  • The total number of images you have selected will appear at the bottom of the module.
  • When you have finished your selection, click “next”.


Step 6: Choose the job filters you would like to have associated with the images you have selected.

  • If the selected images should only go out with a certain job type, select the job filter. In the below example these images should only go out with "Marketing" jobs. Don't see a job filter? Click here for how to create one. (You will repeat these steps for each group of images.)
  • If selected images do not require an association, you can leave “All Jobs” selected
  • If you want to assign the images to all remaining jobs that do not otherwise have assignments, you can select “Remaining Jobs”.
  • By assigning images to “All Jobs” or “Remaining Jobs”, you can reduce the chances that a post will be distributed without an image.


Step 7: Repeat until you’ve added all of your images

  • After each batch, you will receive a success notification at the top of your screen. You can scroll down to see all images currently in the campaign and their mappings.


Congratulations! You have added images to your campaign. To keep your posts fresh and up-to-date, we recommend updating images every 4-6 months.

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