Using Your Job Map to Increase Engagement

This article includes information on CareerArc’s Job Map, how to install it on your website, and other ways you can use it.

Using CareerArc’s interactive Job Map is a great way to boost your brand, increase candidate engagement, and transform your career site.  It’s easy to use, requires minimal setup, and adds no additional steps to your job posting process.


Embed the Job Map on your Career Site

Step 1: Hover over the Employer Brand button in the left-hand navigation and select Job Maps.


Step 2: Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the map preview and select Installation Instructions.


Step 3: Click the Generate Code button, then copy the code shown in the Job Map Embed Code box.


Step 4: Paste the job map embed code on your career site, preferably towards the top of your career site landing page.  You may need to work with your website administrator if you don’t have the proper permissions to make changes to your career site.

Example sites below.



Add a link to the Job Map on your career site

Step 1: On the same Installation Instructions page, simply copy the job map link under the “Link from your website” section.


Step 2:  Add the job map link to your website in the form of a clickable image or button.

Example below:


Add the Job Map to your email signature

Copy the job map link from the Installation Instructions page, and add a hyperlinked screenshot of the map to the bottom of your email signature.


Add your job map to Indeed/LinkedIn/Glassdoor

Step 1: Place a text or image link in your company’s social media biographies that link directly to your job map.



Step 2: Post the job map on your Company’s social media pages.


Use the Job Map in your sponsored or boosted posts

Include the Portable Job Map in your paid advertisements or sponsored posts. Highlight a specific job or the full map and link applicants to the interactive version.


Include your Job Map in Company Newsletters & Email Promotions

Placing a link to the job map in a company newsletter or email campaigns are great ways to spread the word to both employees and customers about open positions.


Pin a Job Map post to the top of your company’s social media pages

Consider pinning a post to the top of your social media pages. A pinned post is a status update that you manually select to stay at the top of your social media page, meaning it will not slip down the feed as you continue to add other posts to your page. Pinned posts are available on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. 


Congratulations!  You now know how to install CareerArc’s job map on your career site, along with all the other ways you can use the map.  Click here if you’re looking for instructions on how to create a job map.

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