How to Set Up a Job Map

In this article you will learn how to set-up and install your CareerArc Job Map.

The Job Map is a powerful visual tool that gives candidates an easy way to interact with your jobs in their area OR an area that they may be interested in. 

Step 1: Hover over Employer Brand and Click on Job Map


Step 2: Click on the gear icon (mceclip9.png) in the right hand corner of the map and then Settings


Step 3: Update your map settings to best fit your needs and click Save

  • If you want help with your map pin, you can reach out to our Support team here.  




Step 4: Navigate to the gear icon (mceclip9.png) again and this time select Installation Instructions


Step 5: Set your desired width and height and then click Generate code.

  • Once you have copied the code you will embed that code on your website, or where ever you want to place the map


Alternatively, you can also link to the job map from your career site using the “View Live” link. 



For more best practices on using the Job Map click here. 


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