Guide to Writing Custom Templates for CareerArc Distribution

Are you wondering how our automated job distribution can simultaneously be a convenient, hands-off time saver as well as an authentic expression of your unique employer brand?  The addition of custom verbiage plays a big role in standing out to candidates in a genuine way on social media. Here are some helpful tips for getting started:

Find your muse

Feeling writers block? Don’t worry! You likely already have some great copy on your careers or company sites.  For inspiration, dig into your mission or values statements, About Us section, and organizational achievements. You can also pull ideas from employee testimonials, wording in your job descriptions or past marketing campaigns. Whatever you choose to include, make sure that the message is one that will resonate with your ideal candidate. What is the voice they would find most relatable or aspirational?


Make it CareerArc platform compatible

All Templates must include at least one of the following placeholders: COMPANY NAME, JOB TITLE, JOB TYPE or JOB LOCATION. The system will use these to automatically fill in the appropriate text based on the featured job.

We recommend adding a call to action at the end of your statement.  Examples are “apply today”, “Click here to learn more” and “find out how you can contribute here”. Don’t forget that for Twitter, you will have a 242 character limit so brevity is your friend.


Give us a bunch! 

We encourage our clients with over 500 jobs to start with 15-25 templates, and under 500 jobs to start with 8-10. Adding to or changing these out quarterly will help keep things fresh and interesting for followers of your brand. We can assign different templates to different job types, titles and locations--so feel free to get specific with your language.


Pro Tip:

Create custom verbiage for seasonal hiring or special initiatives as needed.  We can turn off these templates when they are no longer applicable.


Trying to picture what a custom template will look like at the composition stage and then as a live post? 

Check out how this client delivers a compelling glimpse into their company culture in just a couple of sentences:



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