Content Calendar Reporting

This article will walk you through how to access the Content Calendar reporting available in the CareerArc platform.

Learn what type of traffic your custom content posts are generating. You’ll be able to see data about your posts, link clicks, and how different social platforms and categories are performing.


Step 1: Hover over Reporting, then click Content Calendar


 Step 2: Browse the Summary Page for high level information about your posts.

You can change your date range in the upper right hand corner, view the number of posts published, and how many link clicks those posts have received. This page also shows your top three posts within the given time frame.

Please note:* You may notice Job Views at 0. If you are only posting custom content and links through the Content Calendar, you will not see job views when looking at reporting. However, should you use the Content Calendar to highlight a job, job views will populate automatically.


Step 3: Change your date range

Reporting will always default to the last 30 days.

If you’d like to adjust the date range, click the calendar next to the date range in the upper right hand corner, then select from the drop down list of pre-populated time frames, or create your own date range using the Custom Range fields.


Step 4: View Reporting by Posts

On the Summary Page, click Posts.


Step 5: Reporting by Posts

On this page you will see a list of your posts.

You can:

  • Display by Post Content, Channel (individual page) or Platform (combined by social platform)
  • Sort by Post Date or Link Clicks
  • Hover over the person icon to see who published a particular post
  • Click the blue arrow to be taken directly to the live social post
  • Export the report


Step 6: View Category Reporting

On the Summary Page, click Categories.



Step 7: Reporting by Categories

On this page you will see a list of your categories. This data will help you understand which types of contents your users are most interested in and engaging with.

You can:

  • Sort by Post Count, Days Active, Link Clicks and Clicks per Post


Additional Resources

View other Reporting resources in our Help Center here.



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