How to Connect or Reauthorize Social Media Channels

Connecting your social media channels in the CareerArc dashboard allows you to utilize automated job distribution campaigns and gives you the ability to schedule social media posts in the Content Calendar. However, Facebook (90 days) and LinkedIn (60 days) require reauthorizations for security purposes. If you have a CareerArc login and are looking for help on accessing activation links, click here. If you are looking for instructions on the reactivation process, please scroll further down!

How To Add a Social Media Channel

Step 1: Click the Social Media Accounts button in the left-hand navigation panel.


Step 2: Click the blue “Add Account” button under the corresponding social media channel you want to connect.

  • If you’re connecting a Twitter channel, you’ll click the Add Account button under Twitter
  • For a LinkedIn Company Page, you’ll click the Add Account button under the LinkedIn - Company section, so on and so forth.
  • Note: If you do not see the option to add a new account, please reach out to Support here.


Step 3: Enter a name for the channel and click Create.


Step 4: Click the “Send Activation Email” button and enter the email address of the page admin (this is where we’ll send authorization reminders).

  • If you’re the administrator of the social media account you’re trying to connect, proceed to step 5.
  • If you are not the administrator for the social media account, you can click the “Send activation email” link to send an activation email to the page admin or copy and paste the authorization link to manually send to the page admin.  The page administrator can follow the remaining steps.


Step 5: Click the Activate Now button.


Step 6: If you’re connecting a Twitter or LinkedIn account,  a pop-up will appear asking you to log in to the account you’re trying to connect.

  • Enter the username & password for the account and click Sign In
  • The channel will connect after clicking Sign In. (For Facebook connections, proceed to Step 7).

mceclip5.png                        mceclip6.png

Step 7: If you’re connecting a Facebook channel, you’ll see the pop-up shown below.  Click the “Continue as ____” button. (Note that this should be your personal Facebook that has admin permissions, NOT the company page itself).


Step 8: Follow the prompts on the next 2 pages.  On the first page, select the page you wish to connect and click Next.


Step 9: Make sure all of the permissions are set to Yes and click Done.


Step 10: On the final page you’ll see a drop-down menu -- select the page you wish to connect and click Save.  The page will connect after this.



How to reauthorize social media accounts that have expired

Step 1: Find the link for the channel you'd like to reauthorize

  • This lives under the Social Media Accounts tab on the left-hand side (see screenshot in Step 1 above).
  • Click it, and you'll be taken to a page with the statuses of all connected social media accountsocial_media_accounts.jpg
  • If you do not have access to the CareerArc Dashboard please ask your CareerArc administrator or contact our support team  and let us know that you need to reauthorize. We can send you the link!

Step 2: Click the and follow the instructions

  • Refer to steps 6 and 7 of the above section for detailed screenshots
  • ***Important Facts about Personal LinkedIn Connections
    • For personal LinkedIn pages, you will need to enter your personal information that you created your LinkedIn account with, NOT your work/CareerArc credentials. This data is not captured in any way by CareerArc, this window is connected directly to LinkedIn.
    • No permissions or dropdowns will appear for personal LinkedIn pages, nor will any confirmation that the connection was successful or unsuccessful. The LinkedIn pop-up window will close on its own and you will be redirected to once the connection is re-established. If you'd like to double check your authorization status, please contact the support team

Congratulations!  You’ve successfully connected your social media accounts.  You can now create a campaign for automated job distribution to the accounts you connected, and can also start scheduling posts on the content calendar!  Click here for steps on how to create a campaign.  Click here for instructions on how to use the content calendar.


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