CareerArc is constantly growing and evolving, and we want to make sure that we’re fixing the right problems, the right way. The best way to know if the direction we’re going will work for you is to talk to you.

In order to keep our solutions close to the client (you), we’re putting together a product advisory council across job titles and locations. If you join this group, you will get periodic email invites for quick online surveys or video chat research sessions. Some topics and activities might include:

Interview: Intuitive Naming and Grouping - Recorded discussion and activity to rename and re-arrange the sections of CareerArc. What names make sense to you?

Survey: Your Current Workflow - What tools does your team currently use and how you collaborate across your organization? How can CareerArc help simplify and improve that workflow?

Usability: Try a New Feature - Review a new concept or updated design, try and complete a few tasks (e.g. on this webpage, where would you go to download a document?), and then give feedback on the experience.
The length of the research will be clearly stated in each invite. Surveys will typically range from 5-20 minutes, and interviews or focus groups will usually be 50 minutes.

Whatever your title, whatever your role, whatever your usage of CareerArc, we’d love to have you on the Product Advisory Council. More participation and more viewpoints will mean a better CareerArc for everyone.

We hope you’ll join us! Click the link below to take our welcome survey and be added to the email list.

Take the welcome survey to join

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