My Campaign Stopped Posting

This article will cover ways to troubleshoot why your social campaign(s) may have stopped posting jobs, and will also go over how to fix it.

Your campaigns play an important role in automatically distributing your jobs to you or your company’s social media pages.  If you notice a campaign has stopped posting, follow the steps below or reach out to our support team for help.

Step 1: Let’s make sure the authorization for your social media channel is active.  Login to your CareerArc account, then on the left hand side click Social Media Accounts.


Step 2: Find the social media account in question in the list, and make note of the colored dot (you can also hover over the colored dot for further details).

If the dot is Green or Yellow, your channel is active and you can move on to Step 3.  If the dot is red, that means the channel needs to be authorized in order to post jobs again. Click on the Reauthorize (mceclip0.png) icon and follow the steps to activate in step 4 of this article. 


Step 3: Now let’s check the status of the campaign.  Login to your CareerArc account, hover over Job Distribution and click Campaigns.


Step 4: On this page you’ll see a list of all campaigns (active, inactive, and drafts).  Look for the campaign in question and see what is listed in the Status column.

If it’s listed as Active, move on to Step 5.  If it’s listed as Disabled, you can click the Start button (mceclip1.png) when you hover over the campaign to get it going again. 


Step 5: Now that we’ve verified the channel is active and the campaign is active, let’s make sure there are jobs in the campaign’s job filter!  Click on the campaign tile to expand the view.


Step 6: In the expanded campaign view, look at the Job Filter field and note how many jobs are listed.  If the Job Filter has at least 1 job, move on to Step 7.  If it’s listed as 0, that means your campaign doesn’t have any jobs to post and you’ll want to edit the Job Filter.  Click here for instructions on how to edit a Job Filter. 


Step 7: If you’ve followed steps 1-6 and everything looks as it should, there may be a system issue.  Please submit a support request and our team will look into it further.

Good job troubleshooting!  You should now know what to look for in case a campaign stops posting.

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