Guide to Preparing Imagery for Social Distribution

In your Social Recruiting and Employer Brand efforts, using fresh and inviting imagery in your social posts is essential to attracting and engaging your desired audience. Here are some practical ways to keep your brand fresh and inviting. 

Step 1: Start with the basics

Begin with at least 12-15 images as you build your image library. We recommend that in addition to role specific images, you add some that would work for all jobs too. This ensures that no matter what, the system can find an appropriate image for any job, even one that has yet to be assigned to a filter. For example, a shot of your stylish office space or a spirited team photo work well across the board.

Step 2: Keep your eyes on the size

For optimal results, please resize your images at a horizontal orientation of 1100x550px, which will work across Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook - and make sure not to have text or other important graphics near the outer edges of your images. Don’t have a resizing tool like Photoshop? Try a free online resource like BeFunky.

Step 3: Now the fun part

The most effective images reflect the voice of your brand and speak not only to the functions of a job, but also the experience of it. These visuals should resonate with your ideal candidate, giving them an intriguing preview of your company culture.

Step 4: Know the name of the game

To help with quick and accurate categorization of images within your campaigns, rename the file according to how you’d like it designated.  For example, you can do so by job type (e.g. Physician, Manufacturing, Corporate Role) or by location (e.g. Physicians – Miami) or by brand (e.g. Forklift Operators – Nike).  This will be a huge time saver in the set-up process!


Did you know?

Images are key. 63% of social media feeds are made up of images. Content with relevant imagery reports 94% higher response rate than content without imagery
– via Buffer.


Great imagery on social helps your posts stand out in feeds and captures the imagination and interest of your desired audiences. Here are some ways you can keep your images fresh, diverse, and interesting.


Click here to access ready-to-use templates! 



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